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Information onSpiritual Mentorship. Programs

Dear Future Client,

If you wish to just set up a program to have continued assistance I would be only to happy to help you. I have 12 different programs and the sessions are based at $300 an hour. If you buy a block of sessions than you can get a discount on each block, depending on how many sessions you buy but also discounts only apply to SMPs paid in full.

Please note a contract will be drawn up between myself and you the client and the amounts paid in the contract are non refundable. I will be available to you as and when required please note though I do not talk to clients while driving as this is dangerous. Also it is better to have a scheduled app with me and also have some idea of what you would like to cover in that hour or so. Also if you wish an extended appointment it is good for me to have notice, as I have other clients in my programs too. I do not wish to have a conflict of times between clients. 

I like to be prepared for apps beforehand if possible, this involves me meditating connecting with a higher power to give you the best advice I can on any given subject that may arise in our conversation. You have to realize for you to get the best value out of the program, it is better to call me from somewhere, where it is quite and where you are not being distracted. Also important! Not to have anyone else in the room with you. Why! Well when you are talking to me. One! This is for confidentiality reasons and two I will also be picking up their energies, which could affect your consultation.

It is also better for me to be in my office talking to you on the phone or from my home, not at a friend’s house or at the mall etc, as this also opens up for others overhearing our conversation. Once again! For confidentiality reasons and also I will be picking up energies all around me. So much better if I am in my own space, or hotel room etc!

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not keep your scheduled app with me, and do not give me at least 12 hrs cancellation time, then you will loose that app time slot from your program. You have to realize that when you do not keep apps, that time could have been given to someone else, who may have really needed it!

I do make myself available to fly to clients at any given time! This will be charged separately and is not part of the SMP. My cost for this is: The client pays my expenses, this being hotel accommodation, flights, and food. I prefer that the client or their assistant pick me up at the airports etc, usually I travel light! Also there is a charge per day for me being away from my office during that time, this also includes the day that I fly in and the day I fly out. call office for these costs 970 586 3565.

Please refer to my websites just so that you can see the different types of work I do and for resume, reels, bio’s etc.

Please also note I am known for not sugar coating anything, if you want someone who’s not going to be honest with you or will blow smoke your way then I am not the one for you to work with. I believe in telling it how it is and yes sometimes I can be a little hard on my clients. But for the clients I have at the moment, every one of them has told me that they prefer it that way. I can also send you references from clients.

Thank you so much! I look forward to doing business with you in the very near future.

Love & Light,
Rosemary The Celtic Lady Please note discounts are not given unless program is paid for in full before sessions start.