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Sacred Space Clearings
House & Office Clearings

Rosemary has been asked by many clients to come to their homes and shift the vibrations of their homes. She blesses the space and asks the spirits to protect the owners and all who reside there. In doing so if there are spirits who should not be there she will ask them to move on.

The result of these clearings can be amazing. When an earthquake hit the the big Island of Hawaii. Rosemary had a client who asked her just the week just before to shift the energy of her home. All the other houses in the neighborhood had come up out of the ground, shifted, and had a lot of damage. However, her clients house did not even have a crack on the walls. The crytal she had on her mantle did not even fall off! It was the only house in the neighborhood left like this! Not only will she shift the energy for you, but she will teach you how to do this yourself!

Business Clearings & Resetting The Energy Of Your Business.

Rosemary has flown many times to other areas, and went into organizations and taught the owners how to shift the vibrations of their businesses. Sometimes this involves a little more especially for some bigger organizations, as you then also have to work with the staff.

In order to bring prosperity to the business everyone plays a part in this. So it is important to teach owners and employees how to shift their vibrations, thus making it a happy and most prosperous work environment all around. The price of this is based on the square footage of the property, and whether she needs to teach your staff, as well as travel and accommodations for the days that she will to be there.

Haunted Spaces

Rosemary has been asked many times to homes, hotels, businesses, etc., that are haunted by mischievous spirits. Sometimes there can be those that are more mischievous than others. These spirits can be asked to move on. The cost for this is travel, hotel accommodations, for one or two nights depending on where you live and a set standard fee based on what is going on in the property. She will move the spirit on if you wish. If not, she will give you the history of the spirit and teach you how to live in harmony with said spirit. 

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