Dear Rosemary. I tried the past life regression technique you showed me within a week of that event. I met this friend from over the summer who gave me this really expansive time travel feeling when I really look at her eyes. Turns out, we were traveling across the old west on a wagon train together. I asked to see what happened, she died on the way from bad water I believe. Worked just like you said, I used a little Lemurian Quartz and boom, was right back in that life. I asked her about it, and she confirmed having memories of it, and having problems in this life even still with her stomach, especially water makes her sick for no reason sometimes. I completed the karmic circle by warning her to avoid sketchy water, since I couldn't help last time. That was really neat. I have seen a few others, but I did exactly what you said and it worked just like you said it would. Thought you would enjoy hearing that. My other past lives have came to me over the years, usually its very obvious. I have a birthmark on my spine from being shot in the back during fire in Vietnam. The guy who pulled me out of the field and tried to save me, is my brother, another number 11, as we somehow have the same birth and name numbers! My grandparents who build our house were Free Mason and Order of the Eastern Star, they knew what they were doing when they build that place.

- Matt 


Dear Rosemary. I can't thank you enough already for what you have shown me. I took a workshop with you at the Arise Festival in August. I ran into you in a weird encounter on Saturday night, I won't forget that, and you sold me on you workshop. I have been studying the esoteric, shamanism, witchcraft, alternative healing, spiritualism of all kinds. I also had my mind blown that weekend by Ver Dar Luz, who was awesome. I am writing today to let you know how you saved my life already. I wanted to take your Ascended Masters class on September 21st weekend, as that was my 33rd birthday, but I couldn't. I live in Breckenridge, work too much, never have money, but don't stop spreading the love. That weekend I chose to go rock climbing, founded a new spot, which I visited a lot until October 11th. I was finishing a climb that day, and had a rockfall/gear failure that resulted in me falling about 20 ft and smashing the back left bones of my skull to pieces. I was by myself, only like a half mile from my car, but I was blind and had immediate signs of traumatic brain injury. Besides being a metaphysical healer, I was a lifeguard and veterinary technician for years, my Wilderness First Responder training is a large part of me surviving. I was alone, could not get cell phone, it was snowing, I was an hour from advanced medical help. I thought I had a large cut on my head, which turned out to be way worse. I made it to my van, where I could get warm and have coconut water, the best fluid for blood replacement. I was stuck in the woods for about 40 hours until I could see enough to drive myself out to the hospital an hour away. I knew I was screwed right away.

Every time I went to lay down that weekend, I was pretty sure I was going to not wake up. I would recite your invocation of "I am light, I am one with the light, the Light is within me", and breath out the negativity that was filling my skull with brain destroying pressure. This kept me alive. The hopsitals that treated me the next week, don't understand how I can see, walk, talk, type, basically only lost about 10 percent function of my brain from something most people don't survive.

I encourage you to take a look at my CT scan videos, My Light-Activated Healing, as the activated light healing can be seen, especially in the "after" or later scans. I apologize if my typing is confusing, I am trying to learn to read over again. Was also a lucky coincidence for me that I own about 2 grand in crystals, that I surrounded myself with as I laid in my tomb. I have been a practicing Earth Medicine Intuitive, as I call it, for several years. Been able to help a lot, really looking forward to taking your class in the future, although I think I accidentally ascended myself by splashing my skull open. Another interesting side effect is that my male/logical/mathematical side was damaged, making me infinitely more psychic. I'm enjoying it. I know you know you are helping people, but I just thought you would enjoy this tale. I have to go to the east coast for a month, but I will be back to my home in Colorado in December, and would love to finish what you started to teach us. I feel it, I can do it. Thank you for being at such wonderful events to help us normal broke people, you have no idea how your ideas have reverberated through my life and the lives of those I know, and I told everyone at the hospitals about you and could not recommend your work any more. Blessings to your wonderful soul and all your magikal helpers. I look forward to meeting again.

- Matt

March, 2014

Rosemary, I want to genuinely thank you for the benefits I have personally experienced from your class. Though we didn't heavily work on this directly I have seen astounding improvements in a back problem & pain I have had for the past 5-6 months. Around the first of June I was diagnosed with sciatica. It got to a point of effecting the feeling in my right leg in addition to the pain that radiated into my right hip and at times down to my ankle. One evening when driving home from my furthest clinic I literally cried almost the entire way home. I went to my doctor and completed physical therapy, but didn't see a great amount of improvement. The pain would return shortly after a physical therapy appointment and many times I would feel overwhelmed with the frustration from physically not being able to do all of the things I wanted to do.

I have a 2 year old son who is a ball of life and energy and is the light of my world. I am also the director of 3 mental health clinics. I love my job dearly and it is important for me both personally and professionally to be able to keep up with the fast pace. My schedule stays packed and leaves little time to be debilitated from pain, stiffness and numbness. The physical therapists give multiple different explanations that included joint dysfunction, my pelvis being out of alignment, and inflammation around my sciatic nerve with an unknown cause. I recently returned to my doctor following the lack of the pain and discomfort subsiding and he sent me for an MRI. The MRI results revealed degeneration in my joints and discs and they recommended a referral to a pain specialist for epidural injections. My aunt receives similar injections for her neck pain and these leave her debilitated for a couple of days and the injections require trips to hospital. This isn't very conducive to my busy schedule and honestly not an option at this point in my life. I am also 33 so this sort of treatment made me worry that as this progresses and I age I would exhaust my options for managing this should I opt for the injections now. Also I didn't feel as if the MRI results fully explained the problem.

Since your class I have been pain free. Typically after driving for a length of time and sitting at a desk I would be miserable at the end of the day and struggle to even remove myself from the couch. The following mornings were difficult in that mobility was limited by stiffness as well as the pain would increase. This would often follow an hour trip to and from my farthest clinic. It seemed I could not get comfortable, driving would often be absolutely miserable and walking difficult.

To attend your class I drove four hours through the ozark mountains on a highway that has 53 straight miles of very crooked and steep hills & is well known for the difficult driving conditions. As you know we spent a large portion of the class seated in a chair. By the end of the first day of training I found the pain was gone. When I arrived home at night after making the four hour trip back from the class on the second day, I found I had no stiffness or pain at all. This has not occurred a single time in the past 5 months. My back muscles and joints feel normal and the tight knots in my lower back that have been present for months have dissipated. For that I am more grateful than words can say. Today when walking across the parking lot at one of my clinics I noticed my back and hip felt completely normal. I am amazed! Thank you so much for all you taught me and for the relief I have experienced the past few days.


January, 2013

Rosemary is absolutely the most gifted & talented medium / adviser / personal counselor I've ever worked with in my life. Her readings and counseling led me to life-changing insight and deep healing. 

If you only want sympathy and comfort, be aware that Rosemary is no ordinary intuitive; she will rock your world and make you "take out the trash" around your own self-limiting beliefs. Real growth always takes hard work, and Rosemary knows how to help you do it." Year first hired: 2004 (hired more than once) 

David Chapman

Mar 31/2011

Greetings, Rosemary
I just thought you might appreciate some feedback in this case. Fluffy had gone off to die, but exactly as you said, someone found him. She took him to the Denver Dumb Friends' League, but he was almost comatose, and they euthanized him. The lady called me yesterday in response to the flyers I had put out and told me where she had taken him. I went there this morning and they explained what had happened. So now, I can have closure, and I know that his not wanting to be with me at the end was his choice. Thank you again for your help. 

Joe Felice


Aloha, Rosemary!

I had the pleasure of meeting you here at the recent Body-Mind-Spirit Expo, where I saw you as a psychic medium entertaining us with the "Spirit Talk" presentation. The room was packed, standing room only!

It was awesome witnessing those who received mediumship messages from their loved ones who had passed on. Your mediumship was astonishingly accurate, what looked like to me to be 100%!

Your forthright way of telling it like it is gave us the cosmic kick in the butt we needed to GET GOING!!!

Mahalo nui loa,
Hileah Reigh, Hawaii

Hi Rosemary-

Thank you for the reading of a little while back - the one thing I wanted to be sure and tell you about was the lost tape recorder.

At the end of the reading I asked about a small tape recorder I'd lost. Amazingly, you saw the exact small handheld and where I had it next to my bed, where it was and what it looked like. I mentioned that was there, but not the one I'd lost in the same bedroom. You saw the other one just as clearly! It was exactly as you'd said - (I'd forgotten it was black trimmed) and silver, a digital (and the cost of those you don't want to lose it), and it was wedged as you'd said, underneath my dresser, and what was even more neat was you said I'd find it by the word "bath" but not "bathroom" which was the room past the hall behind it. My toiletries sit on top of the dresser and the tiny digital voice recorder was directly underneath them wedged under the dresser.

Just wanted to let you know about the recorder. It had been lost for 3 years, I think. it had "dust bunnies" all over it :) I'm quite glad to have found it again. Thank you. :)


Dear Rosemary "The Celtic Lady",

Simply Amazing! Answered prayers!

Thank You for the amazing medical intuitive session I had with you via telephone.
It was more than I hoped for and it was exactly what I needed!

You confirmed what was going on, why, and what was needed.
You even caught something I forgot to ask about.
Thanks for explaining things in a way that I could understand them. Your skills and insight provided the missing key that I needed to finish my long journey of restoring my health. I finally "got it"!

Best of all, the recommended solutions were simple to do and basically free. I have already noticed great improvements in my health, relationships and life. It is a blessing to get my life back! Rosemary, you are a lifesaver!

You were an answer to my prayers and I knew it. I wish I had called you sooner, instead of putting myself through the analyzing, doubting, denying and hesitating stages. Lesson learned: God wants the best for us so "listen up" the first time, trust, do and receive.

I still thank God for you, and for leading me to you! My husband also says "Thank You". For other individuals wondering about seeking assistance from "The Celtic Lady", I offer the following suggestion. Do not delay. Pray.

If it feels right for you, try it. After all, we seek information and assistance from other professionals (accountants, mechanics, doctors, etc.) so why not add medical intuitive professionals to the list of resources?

With a grateful heart,


Dear Rosemary,

Thank you. Not only are you The Celtic lady, you're The Healing Lady. I know that my session with you last evening was the beginning of a tremendous internal shift.

For a long time I've been searching for answers to my health concerns and my emotional turmoil. Intuitively I knew there was a connection, and I knew there was a power within I could tap help from, but didn't know how to access it. You have given me some tools to work with.

I began our session with shallow, constricted breathing. I ended it with deep, cell-filling breaths and I felt the healing begin. You generously shared your talents and skills with warmth, understanding, and encouragement.

Last evening I began to connect with the source of my hurts, and at 60 I've accumulated a lot of them! But also began to connect with the source of my healing. That source is God / Spirit / Me.

I can trace events that brought me to our meeting and I'm grateful for them all. This body of mine is a remarkable creation. Healthy spiritual, physical, emotional and mental is my natural state. Today I'm reclaiming my God Power.

You have much to offer many people. I hope you will come back soon.

L. Magnuson Calgary, Canada.


Hi Rosemary,

We are flying out to CA, tomorrow and I realized I had never mailed this card to you (it's amazing how much paperwork I can get through when I have an absolute deadline to meet!)

Caitlin and I really appreciated your key efforts in making her dream come true, to meet NSYNC in person! It was a wonderful moment and neither one of us will ever forget it I wish you much success when you come to Memphis to do your seminar.

I always believe that things happen the way they are meant to, and I really have faith I can trust in!

You are a very nice person and we are delighted we met you!

Janet. J McQuarrie, Memphis TN.


I have always subscribe to the saying about keeping this simple. This is exactly what AMAHT 1 is all about. Simple but very effective.

Thank you, Rosemary for helping us to find the missing pieces in our energy work. I’m very glad I attended the workshop.

This workshop is for everyone who works directly or indirectly with (healing) energy - from the beginners to the experienced healers.

A rare opportunity for those living in this part of the world!

Much Love, Anthony C, Singapore

Many thanks to Ms Rosemary for her kind presence in Singapore without which we will not have this great opportunity to learn from her.

To you all, many thanks for your participation and look forward to see you on Feb 16 & 17, 2013 for the A.M.A.H.T. Level 2 I have learnt all these years that one needs to complete the whole and complete course on any holistic training. Taking this opportunity to wish everyone: Gong Xi Fa Cai

Anthony Wong Singapore, Jan 2013 AMAHT Level I Class

Your HOHP-I class in Honolulu was wonderful! I especially like the high level of trust you place in your students. We were class participants and active contributors to the class, not just students following instructions. Because of that, your class was truly empowering, and I really enjoyed it.

At the deepest level, I felt that my Being was not only recognized and welcomed, but also honored. There was a place for all of us in our Wholeness and just as we are, and the result was a delightful celebration of Life, Health, and Healing. WOW! Thank you! And thanks to Joshua, too!

Love to All,
Barbara Joyce

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful class in Denver this weekend. I had a great time and learned so much I feel I am still processing through it. I've been keeping track of the things that happen around me now. The weirdest thing was the day I came home my daughter, Rowan, kept telling me I smelled different?

The people were all so great and the capacity of information I got from two days exceeded my expectations. I have been pulling this info. into my daily life and using it. My mom (Linda) and I talk a lot about what is going on in our lives now more than ever. You taught her not to second guess herself. Knowing that Joshua is the man with her, and seeing you interact with him so easily I think made her not feel so afraid. I told her to go ahead and start talking to him and not think.

There are also a lot of people in my life who needed for me to learn the relationship part, getting rid of that person from your heart. I hope I can accurately teach and heal them of their unwanted feelings.

Michelle Kreuzer

I've recently just attended a workshop for HOHP with Rosemary and found it to be very useful and helpful. My background in healing includes Reiki and Level 3 Reconnection with Dr. Eric Pearl.

Rosemary's class filled in the gaps and allowed me to work intuitively as she not only validated what I had been doing already but took me to the next level of understanding.

Her own stories about her experiences made the class more personal and brought depth to the learning experiences we were about to have each day. It doesn't matter what level you believe you are at, you will learn what you are ready to receive. Trust in Spirit.

Judy Chapman,
Healer, Star Traveler and Coordinator for the Casper Holistic Fair :-__________________________________________________________________________

The workshop this weekend was wonderful! Way above any expectations I may have had.

Yes, I was a little reluctant but got over it quickly with your sense of purpose, desire to share knowledge and your being right there every minute so we could ask questions, or ask for help if needed.

The hands on training was invaluable for beginners to gain confidence and to know it's possible to learn the necessary skills that not only help them personally, but anyone else needing direction or healing.

Actually, I started using many of your techniques right away Monday morning at work and my whole day went much smoother. People reacted to me differently as well. I would suggest that anyone desiring to create more meaning in their lives take Rosemary's class. It is truly awesome!

Thanks Rosemary, and I can't wait for the next one!!!

Mary Darracott

When I first signed up for the HOHP course I was a little apprehensive, basically scared. I wasn't sure what I was doing or why?

After the first 5 minutes with Rosemary I knew why I signed up and it felt right. I felt at home and at peace. I haven't felt this excited or energized in my life, ever!

Thank you both again!

In Peace and light,
Tim LaHiff

The HOHP class was truly an energetic experience.

We had the opportunity to sustain high energy for two days and without a doubt healing was completed.

Personally, two "dis-eases" within my body were correctly diagnosed by other students in the class; I was unaware of this previous to the class and now am able to focus on and create self-healing and now know several Healers within my area for additional help should I require it.

I also can truly tell beginning Healers to "Trust" what Spirit gives you, I am forever grateful and am very much looking forward to the next class. -



I had the honor and privilege to attend the HOHP class given by Rosemary in Casper. It truly stands out as one of the most profound experiences of my life - utterly amazing.

Actually, I was not quite sure what to expect before the class, I was hoping to increase my knowledge and perhaps gain new techniques to integrate into existing ones. What I came away with was a new appreciation of the heightened energy levels that can be experienced when a group is assembled for a single-minded purpose of healing.

I learned several valuable ways to protect my own energy levels which I was greatly lacking. The class also helped me to gain confidence in my own skills and natural abilities, as well as an appreciation of ways to use them to help myself and others. I am thankful for the opportunity to also meet other people in this area with whom I can share these not-so-mainstream ideas and techniques.

With deepest gratitude and respect for Rosemary the Celtic Lady,
V. Arden Allemand


I thought the class was wonderful. On one hand, the class was very in depth. An extraordinary learning experience. On the other hand, I feel like we barely scratched the surface, and I am ready for more.

Aside from my testimonial, I would like to add a personal note: Rosemary was very gracious in answering my many questions which required her "reading" me to find the answer. I actually had, and still have many more, but I didn't want to impose. So, thank you to Rosemary. I'm looking forward to following up with her soon.

Carla, Colorado Springs

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the class and cannot say enough about what I learned and how it seems to have a mind of it's own now. I'll be doing regular therapy and realize my hands are hot and tingling and my feet are I realize the person needs physical healing and I'm doing it without even trying, if that makes sense.

I ask clients if they are feeling pain, and they describe it where I feel it, but without my letting them know what's going on, they state feeling better at the end of session, I am looking forward to the medical healing class.

Kim, Colorado Springs

Mahalo nui loa! Just want to express of my heartfelt thanks with much gratitude. I did learn some specific communication tools that were not as clear in my own work in massage/healing with others. And it was a wondrous experience in working my partners and sharing in the circle and listening to the feedback of others' experiences, it was special.

You truly are gifted and I'm grateful to have met you in Paradise and/or Lemuria... perhaps we have some relationship to this past Civilization, among others.

Thanks equally as well...Joshua...I seem to be picking up energetic vibes, i.e. my skin gets goose bumps when I speak the name "Joshua." Much Blessings and Aloha
nui loa...

Kila Kaohele Lau.
Iyengar Yoga Center Denver


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