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New! Healing  From Grief Retreats! In Estes Park Colorado.

With Rosemary The Celtic Lady

This Is A Five Day Retreat! At The YMCA  Of The Rockies.

Healing Grief Retreat Oct 2018

Estes Park CO. YMCA of the Rockies Colorado 

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​Cost is  $1,845 (For five days) Sun to Frid Morning Ck out 11am.

​For Couples sharing contact Rosemary

Because there is such a need to bridge the gap between people who are grief stricken and giving them resolution to their grief. I would like to do a five day retreat at least once a year, maybe. To help those that have been unable to deal with the loss of a departed one.

I myself have been touched deeply by loss, and for me, it was the most helpless feeling I've ever experienced.  I found my way, through healing myself through meditation, prayers, breath work, exercise, my spirituality and just every day things. Finding something that gave me joy! Just understanding my own needs helped me deal with this! Where my loved ones went and just knowing that they were okay helped me move through my loss!

 Each day in my work as a medium and a minister, I speak with people who are living in a state of bereavement! Of loss of a loved one! They feel like their hearts have been torn from their bodies and do not know how to deal with the physical, mental and emotional pain. They have lost their way, their faith in humanity and God. They feel like they can’t go forward! Stuck in an ever ending cycle of pain! No matter what the doctors say it does not ease that emotional and physical pain. They have lost their way!

 I have found since I have been dealing with bereavement for almost 30 yrs now that in so many cases in the past, I used to refer some folks to grief counseling, but many wanted to work through their emotions at home, in private,  or with myself doing” Spiritual Mentorship Programs”

So! After, so many years of actively working with people. I've finally found a program that fits this need (and I am really happy to share it with you)

 After one session all of my clients have found a way connecting with their loved ones who have passed over through me. They go through an understanding! An awakening so to speak! They leave my workshops with a sense of peace! They feel like a burden has been lifted of their shoulders, they may even have worked through some unresolved issues. Or may just plainly have forgiven themselves and others! They return to their spirituality, to their faith, God, Buddha etc and live a more contented life knowing that their loved ones are in a better place.

What I did in the past and now:

I owned my own retreat in Estes Park CO, from 2006 to 2009. I had to let go of it, as it was not the right place or big enough for what I had in mind, when it came to expansion

My clients tell me that our sessions together bring them comfort, yet I've always wished there was something more that I could do to help them:

 So I started doing weekend healing retreats in the USA, Canada & Singapore. I traveled to many different states, about 30 of them and people would fly in for a weekend. Just to spend time going through, their own healing process! They would be hanging with other people who understood their pain. I found that the weekend was not enough for everyone, no one wanted to leave, they all wanted to stay longer, explore the hiking trails, get out among nature etc....

What better place to do it, than Estes Park CO. With the Majestic Mountains all around. Living here in this beautiful environment is so healing. For my clients it was amazing. 

 They made new friends. They talked about their loss, they laughed and they cried. (All of this healing for them) They would help each other by listening and sharing their stories, funny and sad about their loved ones.

This is an ideal workshop for people from all walks of life! I have taught people who have lost loved ones, friends and especially worked with military personnel, who have come back from overseas, suffering from PTSD, after losing friends in a war situation. I would talk to them about their individual situations and I would teach them how to do various exercise’s to help them work through their loss.

 I would talk to them about what lay ahead for them. (The light at the end of the tunnel so to speak)

Having the client understand their loss with the deceased is crucial this helps them to meet previously unmet needs. In doing this, confusion is reduced which enables the bereaved client to experience a reflective period, where they look at their own lives! Inner reflection is good! It is that which facilitates spiritual growth and personal transformation. This is when the physical spiritual, mental and emotional bodies come together and create balance your their lives.

With the daily exercises that I teach like breath work, meditations, body tapping etc…. When you feel emotional or physical pain, you can take charge of how you feel in the moment and tap it out! And breathe it out of your bodies! Cutting the cords continually if need be! These exercises are all taught at the retreat. You the client! Are given these tools to help you on a daily basis, when they are alone and no one is around to help them with their pain and grief.

My Goal Now:

My goal is to help anyone who suffers from grief, to no longer be in pain, physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally. The goal is also to get you moving through and releasing the stages of grief (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance) as quickly and effectively as possible.

To help you; see there is life after death and that we can, once again experience love, joy, peace and harmony in daily our lives. To see, that you are once  again taking pleasure from daily activities. That you get back to feeling like your life is meaningful. That you are: optimistic instead of pessimistic. That you are holding onto a positive self image of yourselves. That you; regard yourselves and your lives as worthwhile.
As you know, there are no shortcuts to overcoming grief, but if you are looking for a healthy way to cope with loss this for me and many of my clients was the most, healthy way to handle it! There were no medications or drugs involved. But we do know that sometimes people do have to take medications until they feel they are able to cope without!  These techniques that are taught, are taught to help enhance a person’s life and to help them heal at the core of their being.

This I know from personal experience.


Please note this retrea fills up quickly and spaces are limited. So call now to book your place. This is the first of its kind by the American Association of Helaers

All monies for class are non refundable. If you have to cancel, they can be put forward to another class or towards  spirtual mentorship program


For more information call 970-586-3565.