Rosemary The Celtic Lady is Founder of!

Psychic Medium Rosemary The Celtic Lady. Known As The Rocky Mountain Medium!

Psychic Medium 

As a Psychic Medium Rosemary The Celtic Lady communicates with your loved ones who have passed over to the other side. This helps families deal with the grief of a loved one passed over or passing, as it gives them closure. It also helps you understand that the other side does really exist.

We can all communicate with our loved ones, its just that sometimes we do not know when we are actually receiving messages from them. This is what Rosemary teaches. How to look and listen for those call signs from our loved ones guides or angels.

We can communicate in many ways: Through Clairvoyance: Which is having clear vision and seeing full apparitions (spirit)

There is also Clairsentience, Where you get a feel for the spirit or loved one passed. Usually, you will get smells with this, a sense of how they passed over I usually feel pain at this point and what caused the passing. But it is very brief. As I know how to move it out of my body very quickly.

There is also Clairaudience: That is when the spirit speak in our ears, and give us as clear a message as they can. Sometimes you will get a high pitched noise in your ear letting you know the spirit is present, then the spirits thoughts pop telepathically into your head.

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides can be loved ones who have passed over, they can also be people we knew from other life times and also higher vibrational beings from other dimensions. Such as angels, ascended masters etc. Working with spirit, your guides etc  on a daily basis will help you raise your vibration to the highest level you can while you live on this earth. In doing so your spirit becomes the purest vibration it can be. The more you pray meditate on a daily basis the better, you will learn to raise that vibration as we go through a “Vibratory Shift” with this planet.