Extraterrestrial Photographic Evidence That They Are Among Us! This is an ET selfie! As I think they used me to take the picture. I really feel they wanted me to show this!

I am Rosemary The Celtic Lady. Founder of the American, Canadian & UK Associations of Psychics & Healers. Ambassador For Peace with the Universal Peace Federation.

As most people know I am a very down to earth person, most of the time nothing phases me! 
This time I am in a quandary! I just had something happen that I really feel I have to share.

For years now during the full moon cycle, 3 days before during and after I spend a week in prayer. I have been doing this since 2007. I pray for anyone who sends me prayer requests, the planet, mother earth humanity, and the beings beyond this dimension. During this time I connect with the other side other dimensions and other beings also.

I have received much information over the years from beings from other dimensions. But I have never ever shared this information. Now that I fianly have photographic proof then I feel more comfortable talking about it.

Extraterrestrial Photographic Evidence That They Are Among Us!

  Extraterrestrial Photographic Evidence By Rosemary The Celtic Lady                   




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On Sunday may 22nd day after the May full blue moon. I was watching a show on TV, it was around 7.15 to 7.30pm. I was all of a sudden feeling tired and wanted to go to my room lay down and meditate. Not usual for me as I meditate during the night of first thing in the morning. As I passed the stairway, my dog hannah was laying at bottom of stairs, I stopped looked at her called out to her, she was dead to the world, so cute I thought Id send a picture of hannah to my kid, who was on a trip to NY. After taking the picture I walked to my bedroom and lay on the bed, all of a sudden my camera clicked. 
The way most cameras do when you least expect it too.

I thought nothing of it. I sent the pic of the dog to my son and decided I would look at the other pic before I deleted it. I was so stunned as I knew right away what it was. A being from another dimension. Wow! I reached out to a few friends of mine to share. One in particular is a former " US Air Force Commanding Officer", who is very knowledgeable about many things, especially this stuff. he said you have photographic evidence of a stereo typical ET! Looks like its Interdementional! I have to agree as I have had communications with them for years, but was not quite ready to share all of that information just yet!

I feel I have to refer to this being as they! If you look at this on your iphone or droid you can zoom in closer see the shape of the eyebrow, their eyes, nose, face, also the body. The body is transparent.  Also they have some kind of black belt on? The arm is thicker at the top then gets really long as it reaches down, it becomes like a long thin twig.

I am curious as to what others think? They came back later last night and informed me to refer to them as Arragos. I think That is the personal vibrational name for him/her/they I think it is also pronounced Arragos, but not 100 percent sure. he said his name is more a vibration. But that was as close as he could give me to make a connection to him/her/they.
If you believe or don't believe, no matter just thought you would find this very interesting. Please feel to share with others. The more who know the better:)

Love & Light
Rosemary The Celtic Lady. Rosemary@RomearyTheCelticLady.com

Copy rights By Rosemary The Celtic Lady May 23rd 2016  Arragos Extraterrestrial Being

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