About, Beyond Reiki, Energy Healing & Medical Intuitive Healing & A.M.A.H.T 


​Reiki is an amazing, powerful, yet subtle form of energy healing.

Healing energy is channeled thru the practitioner’s body, out his

orher hands and into the recipient. Reiki may be given to oneself

or others. Dr. Mikao Usui, founder of the modern Reiki system,

was an amazing man. He brought this beautiful way of doing

healing to us. Over the years some of the old teachings have been

lost or misplaced or diluted. So what I teach now is beyond reiki

some of the lost teachings of reiki. Now appropriately known as

The Ascended Masters Ancient Healing Techniques,

It is becoming more known and believed that stress is the cause of all forms of illness, discomfort  or disease (dis-ease).  When we are stressed, vital energy points in the body, also known as chakras, can become sluggish, or even blocked.  When our chakras are blocked, energy cannot flow properly thru our bodies.  Reiki, clears these blockages, so our bodies can heal themselves, the way they were designed.  When receiving Reiki, you may feel sensations of heat, cold, vibration or tingling.  Because Reiki heals on a physical, spiritual and emotional level, it is a complete healing system. 

(Ascended Masters Ancient Healing Techniques™)

I find my work at this stage to be very exciting right now, because of its effectiveness in quickly releasing and transforming people lives. I have been taught Ascended Masters Ancient Healing techniques by my guide Joshua. With this I see inside the body, the same way a n Xray machine does. This I teach to my students.

He has taught me that the release work we do in class is an activation, as we let go we heal at the core of our being,. We do this through tapping  the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies.

It helps them release long-held emotional, mental and physical blockages. In doing so this becomes a truly emotionally based experience that can be learned and easily practiced! The emotional connection to this moment now helps you connect with the past thus releasing all that does not benefit you now! Helping you understand yourselves and others at a much deeper level.

Once you master your abilities in this field you will find you are able to manifest your vision and create wealth, health and happiness in your lives. Bringing you much closer to your true authentic self! Stepping into a true Spiritual Awakening! That of an enlightened being!

As you do this! You can learn to heal from all illnesses. Remember we all have the ability within us to heal ourselves. You just have to be activated through the Ascended Masters Healing Techniques. Also develop your mediumship abilities, so you can talk to loved ones or your guides. This will help you reconnect with the light being! That you already are! To remember all that you can be! Rosemary is now teaching her techniques to top executives and employees of major corporations,around the USA, and they are having amazing results!

Rosemary The Celtic Lady is Founder of!