Starting April 12th 2016 The first show of Global Psychics & Healers LIve Stream TV on You Tube.

First interview with Rosemary The Celtic Lady and Co Host Karine Brule. 

2 pm Mountain time .  Eastern 4pm and UK 9pm, CA 1pm

We are so excited! This will be an amazing new weekly show every Tues! We will feature our members who are amazing Psychics, Mediums, Astrologers Life Coaches, Medical Intuitive's, Energy Healers etc... You will be able to interact with our members on a weekly basis with a different member on the show each week. You will be able to email us questions, get in on the conversation or just listen! You will also be able to call in! Click on link below to learn more!


Welcome To The Celtic Lady's  Global Psychics & Healers TV  Live Streaming Weekly.

Rosemary The Celtic Lady is Founder of!