Rosemary The Celtic Lady is Founder of!

Animal Healing & Communication

Rosemary can communicate and convey the emotions of your pets so you can make them happier by elevating their physical and emotional discomfort. She can also bring through messages from pets passed over. Through animal communication and Beyond Reiki for pets Rosemary will help you deepen your connection with your pet family. You too can learn from their wisdom!

Do you need to move? Do you know how to prepare your animals for the move? Why is your dog so afraid of being on its own? Why does your pet seem suddenly withdrawn? What is going on with your pet medially etc.  Lost your pet, don’t know if it’s safe or not? All of these questions can be answered!

Your departed animal remains vibrantly alive in spirit, able to communicate, recount fond memories, Through the magic of animal telepathy. I can help you get answers to these questions, and resolve issues that may be causing disruption or unhappiness in your relationship with your treasured animal companion.  I will coach you on how to send and receive telepathic information from your animal so that your life together is enriched in ways you may never have thought possible.

Colorado Location:
For appointment call: 970-586-3565. In person or by telephone